Objectives and missions


  • improvement of environmental protection, education of citizens, especially children and young people about the importance of conservation and environmental protection,
  • organizing activities on the rehabilitation of affected areas,
  • public advocacy for changing habits regarding the use and preservation of natural resources and in terms of dealing with waste materials.

A particularly important goal of the Association is to connect all the factors involved in the field of applied ecology: natural and legal persons of private, public sector and civil society, creating a network of people interested in environmental actions, projects and programs and the inclusion of national networks in international cooperation.

For more efficient operation and the work of the Assembly of the Association approves the Programme objectives and plan and work program for each calendar year. All members of the Association are entitled to participate in the preparation and drafting of these documents.



The organization provides a full and effective contribution to key segments of the dynamic development of the company in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Through cooperation and established a network of organizations striving to achieve results in the promotion, implementation and valorization of modern strategies and orientations of social and economic progress of the local, regional and wider community. The achievement of full and effective cooperation in the implementation of projects in their sectors of operation of the organization and develop a network of partnerships with other organizations in the country and the region of Southeast Europe, the business sector and government institutions, with the aim of contributing to the processes of modernization, European integration and reform society.

Our mission is to create a more resilient society in line with the objectives of sustainable development.