The Expert Meeting on “Ecological Solutions to a Healthy Waterway” was held on November 20th 2017, in Šabac, in the Center for Vocational Training.

This conference has been dedicated to more active involvement of stakeholders in local communities in water resources management, with a focus on key topics in this area, such as the development of river basin management plans and the involvement of local communities in the process of creating and delivering these documents.

Besides this, the topic of the conference was the domestic legislative framework on water, which was presented by Ms. Vesna Mitrovic, Head of the Department for Protection of Natural Resources at the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia.

The participants of this thematic meeting were able to learn more about the experiences in Europe and the region in the techniques of water revitalization, as well as to see opportunities and good examples in the application of certain techniques.

At the end of the conference, an expert publication “A Guide for Creation of Water Revitalization Plan” was launched, as a part of the ,,The green technologies of the watercourses revitalization’’ project, which, step by step, provides guidelines and instructions for the process of drafting such a document.

The representatives of several municipalities from the Podrinje region, public companies, institutions and organizations, students and other young experts in the area of environmental protection attended. Also, the representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia have attended and provided the opportunity for active participation, discus, exchange of opinions and ideas within the above topics.

Considering that the experts in the past active have worked in the area of water condition identification and preservation of water resources in Serbia, the lack of knowledge on ecological solutions that can significantly improve the state of water flow has been noticed. By the realization of the project: “The green technologies of the river restoration’’, a significant step forward in raising the level of public awareness about sustainable water resources management has been made.

The expert meeting: Ecological solutions to a healthy watercourse