Starting from 1970 in more than 150 countries around the world Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, and this year with a unique message: Protection of natural resources through environmental and climate literacy.

World Earth Day (Earth Day), as a global initiative to raise public awareness aims to inspire local communities, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, corporations and other organizations through various environmental campaigns warn the public of the importance of conservation and rational use of natural resources. As in previous years, this year, Earth Day is dedicated to the unique problems and challenges of the present time, which puts education as an important part of the basis for progress.

Unfortunately, since this day is celebrated, all the changes are more rapid, indicating that it is not enough one day of the operation and action, or lack of cooperation at the global level in order to reduce the scars that are piling up everywhere across the globe.

Over billions of years Earth lives passing through various stages. Some species are disappearing and new ones emerged. However, the youngest species, which calls itself the most intelligent, has the power to permanently degrade the environment of which is dependent.

Planet will exist after us, life will continue, but the human population, as the youngest needs to rationally use and dispose available resources to make their own kind sustainable.


Earth Day 2017: Protection of Natural Resources through Environmental and Climate literacy