The project: OUR NATURAL CAPITAL – OUR RESPONSIBILITY will be implemented in period August – November 2016. The project has been implemented by Association ,,Ekodrina’’ and by Youth Ecological Association ,,Naša Ljubovija’’and it is co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the Municipality of Mali Zvornik.

The project aim is to contribute to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and to enable integrated approach to the management of surface waters which are under the jurisdiction of local governments in the basin of river Drina.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To create preconditions for an integrated water resources management approach at the local government territory,
  • To promote the importance of maintained riparian areas for good ecological status of watercourses and the possibility of quick assessment of the situation and the measures required for the revitalization.
  • The training of local community representatives, citizens of interest, environmental NGOs and other youth associations or future professionals, to use the methods for rapid assessment of the watercourse. All of these subjects can work in synergy towards improving watercourses’ ecological status.

The main project activities will include field work in applying the methodology for the rapid assessment of the functional status of river ecosystems and riparian areas (Proper Function Condition), which is developed by the United States Bureau for Land Management (BML) and the Department for Fisheries and Wildlife (FWS) and the Natural Resources Conversation Service (NRCS), at the pilot locations of tributaries of the Drina River in the municipality Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija. Project activities and research results will be published regularly on the websites of organizations and e-portals of municipality Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija.

Our natural capital – our responsibility