Within the Program “Cressida: Building the capacity of local communities for sustainable development in International watersheds such as the Drini and Drina River watersheds” pilot action “Value Drina” will be implementing in Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija municipalities. From 13-15 July 2016, a seminar and training have been held for representatives of local communities Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija and for the team which is implementing the project in the period June – December 2016.The first training was conducted by the US EPA representatives: Jose Zambrana, Clayton Cox and Kathryn Boyer, a professor at the University of Oregon and a designer. Kathryn Boyer is also a team coordinator for the methodology which is used in the project “Value Drina”. This methodology is implemented for the first time at Balkan.

Training consisted of theoretical part – review the methodological process and application of the streams in the municipalities of Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija (as well as possibilities for its implementation in Serbia), and practical work in the site – selected locations on Radaljska River in the municipality of Mali Zvornik. A student and professor’s asistenit from Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura, Singidunum University attended the training.  Stanković Mihajlo, a researcher from special nature reserve Zasavica, also attended training and on this occasion he was given an honorary membership of the University of Oregon.

Educational seminar delivered by representatives of US EPA within the project ‘’Value Drina’’