Resourses for the implementation of the pilot project in the municipality Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija have been allocated within CRESSIDA Program funded by the US EPA and implemented by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) in order to resolve the lack of monitoring of ecological status of surface waters – the Drina river basin.

CRESSIDA Program (Capacity building of local communities for sustainable development in international catchment areas of the rivers Drina and Drim “) aims to support local communities which are located in the basins of Drina and Drim, relevant government institutions and the business sector to effectively implement local strategies and plans for sustainable development.

Pilot project “Value Drina” takes six months and is carried out by OUE Naša Ljubovija and the Association Eko Drina, in cooperation with the municipalities of Ljubovija and Mali Zvornik. The aim of the project is to promote an innovative approach for assessing the ecological status of watercourses Drina river basin and initiate cooperation among municipalities in region of Podrinje on improving the ecological condition of the  Drina River.

US EPA and REC’s support for pilot actions “Value Drina” in the municipalities of Mali Zvornik and Ljubovija